Goodbye VMware, Hello HashiCorp!

This is long overdue but in case you missed my announcements on LinkedIn and Twitter, I left VMware early August after a great 5.5 years there.

This tweet thread should tell you how much I enjoyed my time and how much I value the things I learned and the people I met while at VMware.

I took August off with my family before starting at HashiCorp on 1st September.

As I explained in my LinkedIn announcement, I’ve always thought that HashiCorp may be a great fit for me once my time at VMware was done. So far, it has actually exceeded expectations and I am already working on really interesting projects.

What will I do at HashiCorp?

My official title is “Staff Solutions Engineer” and my role is still in technical pre-sales. I’ve enjoyed pre-sales since I moved from post-sales 6 years ago: it’s a good mixture of technical expertise, customer relationship and business acumen.

I am actually the first SE aligned to Global Accounts in EMEA (HashiCorp is still growing) and I will work closely with 3 global financial institutions. Pre-sales is really about working closely with customers and enabling them to achieve their business and operational goals by adopting our enterprise solutions.

What about the blog?

Unsurprisingly, you will see far less content on VMware stuff here….but to be fair, most of my more recent blogs have been focused on Terraform, automation, infra-as-code, learning Go, etc…

I will resume regular blogging with a particular focus on the stuff that interests me these days:

  1. Self-service infrastructure with Terraform & Sentinel
  2. Consul for service registry and service mesh
  3. Consul-Terraform-Sync for networking infrastructure automation
  4. Infra-As-Code integrated with CI/CD pipelines

Frankly I am still surprised that my career has taken me away from pure networking into developer and infrastructure tooling but that’s the thing with a career: it’s not linear but rather squiggly (as Katherine and I discussed in this session).

Thanks for reading.

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