I am Nico Vibert and currently work for Isovalent as a Senior Technical Marketing Engineer. My current responsibilities are primarily around creating technical content in various forms (blogs, tutorials, videos, hands-on labs) to help engineers run and operate Cilium, the cloud native networking platform.

Before that, I spent over 5 years at VMware as a Principal Cloud Architect. I spent most of my time at VMware working with NSX and VMware Cloud on AWS customers. I also had a short time at HashiCorp, also in a pre-sales role.

I initially started this blog in late 2018 to provide content around VMware Cloud on AWS, especially around the networking aspect as it was perhaps its most complex aspect but one where I could add value, because of my background. The blog evolved to cover other topics that interest me, such as automation and cloud native architectures but network will remain the main topic of this post.

I also recently took on a role of Chief DEI Officer at OpenUK. I will share more about this role in the coming months.

Most of my career has been spent in the networking world, from a junior support engineer working for a Cisco partner to a senior network architect working for Cisco itself.

I finally joined VMware late in 2015 and worked on the network virtualization software NSX until I transitioned to the VMware Cloud on AWS team. If you’re really that curious, you can find out more on my LinkedIn profile, you can read the interview/chat I gave to Sam Akroyd or you can watch this career retrospection session:

I have a strong technical background which I have validated with 17 certifications over my career, across multiple vendors (Cisco, VMware, AWS, etc.).

I held the Cisco CCIE certification, recognised as one of the toughest certifications in the IT Industry (I published some thoughts on my 10-year anniversary as a CCIE).

To complement my technical certifications and expertise, I built solid enterprise architecture skills (based on TOGAF) and have written business cases and devised complex financial ROI models.

I regularly speak at events, whether on a large scale such as VMworld, Cisco Live or at smaller forums such as VMware User Groups or local events.

Past VMworld Presentations:

The links below don’t always work – if they don’t, just search for the session ID and it should come up.

VMworld 2020:

Deploy and Configure Your Entire VMware Cloud on AWS with Terraform (HCP1064)

VMworld 2019:

VMware Cloud on AWS Customer Panel (HBI2379PE)

VMworld 2018:

Advanced NSX Services in VMware Cloud on AWS: Use Cases and Best Practices (NET2409BE) with Emre Girici

VMware Cloud on AWS Customer Panel (HYP2697PE)

My fun VMware & AWS integration {code} Power Session can be found on Facebook (from 1:03:00).

VMworld 2017:

Enabling the Software-Defined ROBO with VMware NSX (NET1783BE)