Cilium Weekly Feature #2

Originally published on LinkedIn. This week’s new Cilium feature focuses again on the Cilium CLI – a must-have tool for Cilium users. 🤖 Release 0.14 of the Cilium CLI came out last week and there were a few cool things I highlighted in the demo below. 📺 The biggest change is how the Cilium CLI […]


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Cilium Weekly Feature #1

I have been publishing on LinkedIn a new feature a week for the past 3-4 months or so. It’s hard to stay consistent but there’s enough innovation happening at Isovalent and on Cilium that I am rarely out of inspiration to create these posts. LinkedIn posts are not easily searchable and indexable so I will […]

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Bee Tracks: Cilium Hands-On Labs

I will be co-hosting a series of guided hands-on labs workshops in the coming weeks and months with my Isovalent teammates Roland and Raphaël. We’re going to cover topics like Cilium, Hubble, Tetragon and eBPF. These sessions are pretty good fun and relax. We run a couple of different labs in parallel and if you […]

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