How to SSH into AKS Nodes, With Extra Privileges

I’ve been working on documenting one of the popular use cases for Cilium: high-performance networking. Cilium can replace kube-proxy and leverages eBPF to achieve a faster network path. There are actually a couple implementations of kube-proxy: one based on iptables (a +20 year-old networking and security Linux utility and the default option) and one based […]

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Bee Tracks: Cilium Hands-On Labs

I will be co-hosting a series of guided hands-on labs workshops in the coming weeks and months with my Isovalent teammates Roland and Raphaël. We’re going to cover topics like Cilium, Hubble, Tetragon and eBPF. These sessions are pretty good fun and relax. We run a couple of different labs in parallel and if you […]

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