New Video: IPv6 Networking and Observability with Cilium

Just published a 10-minute video/demo on Kubernetes IPv6 connectivity and monitoring, using a Dual Stack Kubernetes cluster, created with Kind.

I have a tutorial coming along with it, inspired by a recent video from Duffie Cooley on the eBPF show. I will link this up here once it’s live on

The full config files can be found on this repo.

As an aside – I didn’t realize I would be doing so much IPv6 when I joined Isovalent.

I’ll admit it’s been absolutely ages since I’ve done any practical IPv6. Of course, I stayed aware of it (and the challenges around its adoption) but I haven’t used it much (although my home broadband is now on IPv6).

It didn’t come up in my short time at HashiCorp. Prior to that, over my 6 years’ stint at VMware, I had a handful of customer requests and discussions over IPv6 but nothing concrete. But most of my customers in that time were enterprise customers (and not telcos) and enterprise customers are still, as far as I am aware, pretty reluctant to adopt IPv6. It never seems to be a priority project.

In fact, I think the last time I had some proper deep dive on IPv6 was back in 2012, where I worked for Cisco and hosted a workshop with my customer at the time to discuss IPv6. My teammate at the time Leon Cozzi spent a couple of days going through a deep dive on IPv6. I specifically remember this meeting as it was hosted in a church hall!

Ten years on and IPv6 is back on my (virtual) desk. And it’s been pretty fun! And I’ll get to do more with NAT46/64 and BIG TCP support available on Cilium by the end of 2022.

Thanks for reading.


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