First look into…. containerlab

There’s been many times in my career where I’ve wanted to build virtual networking labs – not just for testing network designs but primarily for learning. While studying for my CCIE, I remember using GNS3. It was pretty good but not always stable. I eventually moved to renting physical racks as I was spending as […]


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KubeCon EU 2022 Wrap-Up

Starting a new job can be daunting. Attending your first KubeCon is certainly overwhelming. Starting a new job at a fast-paced startup, at KubeCon, while your suitcase has gone missing between Paris and Valencia was… memorable. When I decided to join Isovalent, I thought it would be extremely convenient to have my first day coinciding […]

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Why I joined Isovalent

Networking is a hereditary thing for me. My mum worked for France Telecom – the national service provider – and my brother studied networks at university and started his career as a network consultant. It was incidentally his fault I ended up doing networking. He once left me a heavy training book and recommended I […]

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Deep Dive into Kubernetes Gateway API

What I find fascinating with Kubernetes is that, despite its popularity, it is always changing and evolving. Large-scale adoption brings more complex requirements and challenges. But bringing new technical features isn’t always the most difficult challenge – the complexity is in adapting Kubernetes to fit its operational model. That’s why the Kubernetes Gateway APIs were […]

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