FortiManager Automation with Terraform

This is a short follow-up to the blog post I wrote about using Terraform with Fortigate. My customer wanted to leverage the Fortimanager and not the Fortigate directly to manage their Fortinet estate through Terraform (or rather, with Consul-Terraform-Sync). The provider for Fortimanager is actually pretty recent and was only released a few months ago. […]

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Fortinet Automation with Terraform

One of my customers was telling me how security rules changes on their firewalls are taking far too long to be implemented: not just days but multiple weeks – and obviously that’s slowing down projects. They saw a demo of Consul Terraform Sync (CTS) and really liked the concept. CTS was something new for me […]

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Consul-Terraform-Sync Part 4: Automating AWS tags management with the Consul Key Value Store

This is Part 4 of a whole series on Consul-Terraform-Sync, a pretty recent cool integration between Consul and Terraform. Part 1: Introduction Part 2: Building a Module Part 3: Enterprise Integration In this post, I will explore something that came out this week with v0.4 of CTS: an integration with the Consul Key/Value store. Consul […]

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Terraform for Spotify

I recently discovered that a Terraform provider had recently been released for Spotify (see article). Being an avid music listener and a Terraform fan, I thought I’d give it a try. I followed the Spotify tutorial on HashiCorp Learn. It had a couple of minor issues – which have already been reported – but I […]

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Terraform Workspaces

In recent customer conversations, I’ve noticed that Terraform is being used not only more often but also by more teams within an organization. The teams could be: Network Compute Cloud Internet Security Firewall IP Address and DNS Management etc… Obviously, in smaller organizations, all these responsibilities might be within one or two teams but in […]

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