There are some great resources and personal blogs on VMware Cloud on AWS:


VMware Cloud on AWS: Networking and Security Book


Official VMware resources:

Official Product Page (includes a very detailed FAQ, a pricing portal and the public roadmap).

VMware Cloud on AWS Docs

VMware Cloud on AWS AWS Community Blog

VMworld VMware Cloud on AWS Videos

VMware Cloud on AWS Feature Walkthrough (step-by-step instructions to set up VMware Cloud features such as HCX)

VMC Sizer (a calculator to help customers understand how much VMC they require, based upon the volume and size of their VMs)

Official AWS resources:

AWS Blog on VMware Cloud on AWS

Official Product Page (from AWS)


Virtually Ghetto (William Lam’s blog does not need any introduction)

Gilles Chekroun’s blog (my partner in crime in the VMware Cloud on AWS – Gilles is especially interested in networking, AWS integrations and automation).

Ryan Kelly’s blog (also in the VMware Cloud on AWS team)

Sean’s blog (Sean is a Staff Technical Account Manager and a fellow CTO Ambassador at VMware: his account is one of the largest VMware Cloud on AWS customers).

Simon Cranney’s blog (Simon is actually a VMC customer. The depth of his posts is impressive!).

Sam Akroyd’s blog (Sam is also a VMC customer but he blogs about a variety of topics).

Mitsu Ohisa‘s blog (in Japanese. Mitsu is probably one of the best informed experts in Japan on VMC).

Michael Armstrong’s blog (my colleague in the VMware Cloud on AWS team)

Tom Twyman’s blog (also in the VMware Cloud on AWS team)

Robert Riemer’s blog (with a focus on EUC and VDI on VMware Cloud on AWS).

Humair Ahmed (with a focus on VMware Cloud on AWS networking)