How To Take Ownership of Your Career in 10 Easy Steps – VMUG session

I recently recorded two career sessions for VMware User Groups – you can find below the recording of the one I co-recorded with Katherine Lightner.

As I mentioned on Twitter, Katherine and I have been promoted or have had successful internal job transfers 8 times in the past 3 years. That’s not including all the people whose careers have blossomed since Katherine has been managing them.

So we must be doing something right.

This might sound like we’re bragging – we’re not: we both regularly suffer from imposter’s syndrome and struggle with ‘negative thoughts’. We actually both struggle to always follow the tips we give during the session.

One of the reasons I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and presented non-technical sessions recently is because of the internal promotion process I went through over the past couple of years (it took that long). It encouraged me to look back at my career and to think through of all the key people I met, the significant decisions I made and most importantly, the tips I wish I had known earlier in my career.

So it was in the spirit of sharing these valuable tips for the broader community that we decided to present this session.

Once you’ve watched the session, remember to check out Katherine’s blog post – it includes lots of great additional reading material.

I hope you like it. Feel free to discuss and connect on Twitter afterwards.

Thanks for watching it.


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