VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension delivers secure and seamless app mobility and infrastructure hybridity across vSphere 5.0+ versions, on-premises and in the cloud.

HCX offers bi-directional application landscape mobility and data center extension capabilities between any vSphere version. HCX includes vMotion, Bulk Migration, High Throughput Network Extension, WAN optimization, Traffic Engineering, Load Balancing, Automated VPN with Strong Encryption (Suite B) and secured data center interconnectivity.

This reference architecture document will not delve into all the HCX features but will instead on the standard use cases:

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VMC for full DC Evacuation

Probably the most popular use case for VMware Cloud on AWS today: using it to lift and shift all applications running on a DC and moving them, untouched, to VMware Cloud on AWS. AWS would refer to this migration strategy as ‘re-hosting.’ Why would customers do this? It enables them to accelerate their move to the Cloud with no disruption to their applications and to their operating model while leveraging their existing VMware expertise.

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VMC as an infrastructure island

Many of our customers are using ​VMware Cloud on AWS as an infrastructure Island. VMC can be used temporarily for projects, development sprint, testing purposes and avoid the need to invest in long-term CAPEX. Once the project is completed, workloads can be migrated back on-prem or simply discarded.

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