VMC as burst capacity

As I am based in the UK, I often work with customers based in central London who face a common issue: real estate is expensive. Many of our customers are dealing with space, power or cooling constraints which means they cannot increase the size of their IT infrastructure because of expensive square footage.

VMware Cloud on AWS gives them the ability to burst to the Cloud on a temporary basis (giving them time to address the capacity constraints) or permanent basis (making VMC a permanent extension to their data center).

The speed and the ease of VMC enable customers to expand their infrastructure with no hardware or CAPEX investment.

VMware Cloud on AWS for Burst Capacity


In this scenario, most customers prefer to leverage a Direct Connect to connect their constrained DC to the AWS DCs (with the use of Private VIF).

Some customers might have constrained network (where the resources challenges are tied to a network). In this case, we would recommend HCX (over Direct Connect ideally, if not, over Internet) to stretch the constraint network and to alleviate the capacity issues by leveraging VMware Cloud on AWS for additional capacity.


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