Fling Update: EasyAvi v2.0

Since we launched our EasyAvi Fling (formally known as Easy Deploy for NSX Advanced Load Balancing), we’ve had a lot of feedback from external and internal users. Most of the feedback was very positive on the tool but some users also ran into a number of minor bugs or missing features. The workflow could also be improved in some places.

My teammates Antoine and Nic have been working hard at it – I admit that my contribution to this new version has been minimal – and v2.0 is now out.

Here is a full video walking through the new UI and deployment:

Let’s go through some of the improvements one by one:

New UI

The UI has been redesigned entirely and so has the entire workflow. You can still easily deploy Avi load-balancers within VMware Cloud on AWS but the new version is adding “Day2” features.

Deployment Management

You can track the deployments – the successful and not successful ones (the one errored below because I hadn’t configured some of the pre-required firewall rules). You can delete existing deployments – successful or failed.

SE addition

Still on the “Day2” side of things, another customer asked if we could add additional Service Engine to SE groups so we did:

AVI Images Management

You can easily track the AVI appliances previously downloaded:

Static IP addressing Option

One of our customers asked for the ability to provide static IP addressing for Avi controllers and SE as DHCP was the only option at first. Static addressing is now available:

API Swagger Documentation

EasyAvi also has some public APIs… and even some documentation, using Swagger:

The team also added the ability to manage user authentication to EasyAvi, some log collection and lots of other minor things I will let you discover.

Well done to Antoine and Nic for dedicating so much time to improve upon the first version.

Give it a spin there and feel free to drop some feedback on the Fling comment page.

Thanks for reading.


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