Terraform for Spotify

I recently discovered that a Terraform provider had recently been released for Spotify (see article). Being an avid music listener and a Terraform fan, I thought I’d give it a try. I followed the Spotify tutorial on HashiCorp Learn. It had a couple of minor issues – which have already been reported – but I […]

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Fling Update: EasyAvi v2.0

Since we launched our EasyAvi Fling (formally known as Easy Deploy for NSX Advanced Load Balancing), we’ve had a lot of feedback from external and internal users. Most of the feedback was very positive on the tool but some users also ran into a number of minor bugs or missing features. The workflow could also […]

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Extending Terraform – A Deep Dive

As I was becoming familiar with Terraform and all the clouds it could automate, I started to realize there were things it couldn’t interact with. Even within VMware, while we have a number of providers for services and products like NSX-T, vSphere, VMware Cloud, vCloud Director or vRealize Automation, there are still many products that […]

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New Fling: Easy Deploy for NSX Load Balancing a.k.a EasyAvi

When customers start using cloud infrastructure, there are five key networking components they want to replicate within their virtual cloud environment: Router Switch Firewall VPN Load-Balancer Out-of-the-box, VMware Cloud on AWS gives you the first four components but the Load-Balancing was somehow lacking. Yes, we could use virtual appliances from vendors like F5. Yes, we […]

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